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Anxiety & Depression

Feeling anxious or depressed can significantly impact our overall well-being.  Build insight into the link between behaviors, thoughts, and mood changes. Learn creative new ways to manage low mood and anxiousness while building self-kindness.


Mindfulness as

a Tool

Worrying about the future can create anxiety. Rehashing the past can create depressed moods. Learn specific tools and daily actions that bring your awareness to the here and now in your daily life including meditation, breathing techniques, mindfulness, and insight-oriented journal prompts. 


Authentic Relationships

We were never taught Relationships 101 in high school. Having a space to explore what healthy communication looks like within friendships, family dynamics, and romantic relationships can deepen your connection and foster more joy, understanding, and connection in daily life. 

Image by Humphrey Muleba

Career Changes

Feeling unmotivated with work? Have you always wanted to start your own business or take the leap into a new career path? Therapy together can help you identify steps/goals to actively pivot, build a structured and kind weekly routine, and provide emotional support as you step into your next great adventure!


Self-Esteem &


The most important relationship we can cultivate is our relationship with our self. Learn to courageously love the messy, angry, powerful parts of what make you you. Learn how to be your own best friend, no matter what challenges life brings. Could it be that this messy, raw humanness is the center of your wild magic?


Grief, Loss, & Meaning Making

Holding space for the magnitude of grief after the loss of a loved one is easier to navigate with the help of another person. We can build space together to hold the intensity of this challenge while simultaneously navigating daily life. You deserve space to rest, heal, and integrate.


Spirituality & Religion

Whether you are looking to find what is sacred in daily life or looking to deepen your understanding of what your personal spiritual journey means to you, therapy can be a safe space to dive into conversations you may have wondered but never spoken aloud. Therapy together can be a container to anchor you to the Sacred Divine within you.


Working with Codependency

Struggling with boundaries? Feeling trapped by people-pleasing and others' expectations? Learn skills to recognize codependent behaviors and create healthy boundaries with partners, work associates, and friends. Learn to trust yourself and step into the badass human you were born to be!


Confidence & Self-Expression

Have you dreamed of finding a wonderful romantic partner, but struggled to put yourself out there? Have you been longing to bring more of who you are into work dynamics or social media? Therapy can help build insight and weekly goals/intentions to move you out of your comfort zone and into whole-hearted, more authentic living.

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